April 1st, ‘All Fools Day’ will soon be upon us – and yet again, the 50 million+ mug punters of England will be asked shove their collective hands into their pockets and stump up even more money for the apparent benefit of the union’s coffers.

Prescription charges will be going up by 25p to a new, nose-bleedingly high sum of £7.65p per item. And you can be absolutely sure that with the impending change of usage of English surgeries from centres of medical excellence to dynamic little profit centres, the actually amount of drugs prescribed per prescription will plummet.

A three month prescription could suddenly become a monthly one – effectively trebling the cost of the prescribed drugs in England.

And as we are an apparent caring-sharing type of UK, I wonder what is happening elsewhere in this ever-so-unequal union-of-equals? Ahhhh, of course! All FREE, FREE, FREE!

Free for all.... but not quite

FREE in Wales, FREE in Scotland, FREE in Northern Ireland.

Not only are prescription charges going up, dental charges right across the board are increasing also….. It’s a real kick in the teeth for anyone needing a dentist in England.

When the coalition came to power and promised some nasty-tasting medicine to get the country off its knees, I really did hope the pain would be shared – but no; as per usual, the people of England are asked to bare the pain…. Natch.

Oh, but do not worry! As we live in a democracy-loving country, these price increase proposals will be presented to the UK Parliament at Westminster for scrutiny & approval. – That’s right! the UK parliament including Scots, Welsh & Northern Irish MPs will all be deciding what is right for the people of England (price increases obviously). While their own constituents are getting their prescriptions Scot-Free, Welsh-Free & NI-Free. You really could not make it up.

Perhaps the growing resentment felt throughout England is encompassed by this comment from a reader in reaction to a report on the story in a national newspaper…

……”So let’s see – only the English pay for their prescriptions, only the English have to pay to park at hospital, only the English have to pay £9,000 tuition fees and only the English have to sell their homes if they need care in their old age and Cameron had the cheek this week to say we English should stop nurturing our grievances and be happy we’re all part of the ‘United Kingdom’ It’s nice to know that our PM like every other politician with an English seat is happy to see their constituents being discriminated against at every turn. £7.65 and £9,000 might be pocket money to them but this English person is feeling very aggrieved. I would like my own parliament the same as the rest of the UK and that includes the same amount of funding as them too. I would like our elected representatives to start demanding equality and fairness for England but I won’t hold my breath”…..

- Julie Innis, Cornwall.
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