British LapdogThe statement on the ninth from the United States that England should remain a member of the EU as they want a, “outward-looking EU with Britain in it” is an incident which that should fill every Englishman and woman with fear about the extent to which we as a nation have fallen from an independent sovereign state that acted as a leader on the global stage to one which politicians strip away our sense of national identity by continuously bowing to the demands of other nations. After all, despite our national focus it is not just the EU which has been guilty of stripping away our culture but also that of the United States, our so called ally in a bond that many have called the, “Special Relationship”.  Yet it is obvious that the relationship has grown to be one-sided and dominated by a nation which seeks to assert its global influence by any means necessary.

Tony Deans

This statement acts as yet another example of bullying by the United States of the United Kingdom and we have only ourselves to blame. After all, a bully will only continue to assert power for as long as the victim allows it and England as nation has allowed ourselves to be bullied time and time again by the United States on all issues both foreign and domestic. In the past decade alone, they bullied our weak politicians into supporting two unjust wars with Afghanistan and Iraq for which we had no reason to be involved and both of which were largely opposed by the citizens of England and have cost us billions of pounds that could have been used to support much needed services across the board for England. Worse still is the fact that we have weakened our overall position as a nation and are now lumped in the United States as an enemy of many Middle Eastern countries with whom we would otherwise have amicable relations and many countries see us as little more than a puppy who will follow the United States lead on any issue, no matter how detrimental it may be to England.

Of course said dedication could be understandable if the United States had been equally as dedicated to our causes but at best they stood back and taken a hands off role. Let us consider the conflict in the Falklands in which the U.S largely stayed off assisting us a nation for the majority of war before providing us with minimal support towards the end. They have not supported our claims to the island in any meaningful way yet have expected us to support their various interests time and time again. A politician who shall remain nameless but was one of the leading politicians from the fifties to the sixties warned England of the danger of remaining subservient to the United States and noted that the U.S.S.R had no qualms with Britain in any way except the issue of England serving as another location for various U.S military bases and our continued espionage against their country.

Unfortunately even after the end of the Cold War we have continued inexplicably conducting espionage against Russia, of which we must have no doubt is a result of U.S pressure and as such Russia has responded likewise resulting in an extremely intense relationship with a nation which we could have easily have had a mutually beneficial relationship with. Yet Russia is a minimal case when it comes to examples of the U.S forcing our nation to strain and break ties with potential nations with whom we could form a relationship. Iran can be held up as a nation for which the United States has made us a hated nation, be it our support for the overthrowing of their democratically elected leader in nineteen fifty-three or even at this very time in which we have placed sanctions upon Iran for little to no reason. I’m sure some might cite the detaining of several Navy personnel but let us consider the fact that we sold arms to Iraq in their war against Iran, alongside the aforementioned disposition of their leader and continued unjustified espionage against their nation at the behest of the United States. It is these actions that have made us the number one enemy in eyes of both the Iranian government and its people.

Aside from the U.S dominance over our foreign affairs, they have also had a significant impact on our domestic affairs. Much has been made of the fact that we currently hold a one sided extradition treaty which seems to serve only to extradite English citizens and I shan’t go too much into it considering how much has already been said on the issue but it must be said that it is another worrying sign of how our politicians have signed our nations sovereignty away across the pond.

It is of England however, which is main subject of the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom and of course there is a significant historical links between our two nations. Americans of English descent continue to hold a large role on the domestic stage with the majority of Presidents either being directly or partially descended from England and indeed, contrary to the recent census conducted it is estimated that there is around eighty million American citizens of English descent in the United States today. It would seem that our historical links is part of the reason that the U.S feels that we are so eager to be part of a relationship with them yet of course they were the ones to have cut the ties between our two nations and furthermore have served only to weaken our position for generations. To put it bluntly, our historical links should have no bearing upon our relationship with the United States and the fact that they as a nation have continuously exploited said links to promote relationship in which they dominate speaks volumes about just how meaningless our historical relationship really is.

The Special Relationship is just as damaging to our nation as the E.U and as such needs to be paid as much equal attention. That is not to say we shouldn’t have any relations the U.S at all, no what we need is a strong leader who will assert a strong national policy against both the E.U and the U.S and make it known that the once greatest nation on this planet will be following only our own interests and relationships with various countries, no matter what line they demand we tow with regards to their own perceived enemies. Unfortunately it is obvious that there is no politician belonging to any of the three major parties who support English sovereignty but as long as the English people demand the right to decide their own affairs, the politicians can only ignore us for so long. We as nation have no wish for a Special Relationship with any nation, especially one as one sided as that we share with the U.S, all we want are mutually beneficially relationships that serve to benefit England be it with Iran, Russia or even the United States and on our own terms.

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