Well are we?

Such a searching question, first proffered last week by Scottish Rugby Union coach Jim Telfer and followed up by a nameless aggressive French reporter on BBC FiveLive as he commented on the hysteria surrounding David Beckham’s introduction as a Paris St Germain player.

Telfer, waxing lyrical about the forthcoming 6 Nations Rugby Union Comp declared “They (the English) are too arrogant, too pretentious and too condescending to realise they have a problem”….

And the French reporter, when asked by FiveLive radio jock Rachel Burden about the hoo-hah created when Team Becks rolled into Paris went into a bit of a Gallic tizz “You Eengleesh are just too arrogant” he moaned – then as if to prove the hypothysis detailed exclusively British examples of arrogantiness….

Rachel sniggered, so did co-jock jock Nicky Campbell as the French geezer continued to zoot alors away…..

As a result, the editors for the FiveLive Breakfast show decided there and then to hold an hour long phone-in on the subject ‘Are The English Arrogant?’

The phones lines were in melt down. Well, they would wouldn’t they? Any opportunity to slag off the English surely cannot be ignored, can it? One whole hour of BBC sanctioned casual racism – but as the English were the target, no apparent Corporation guidelines were compromised.

I’m looking forward to the forthcoming BBC phone-ins: ‘Are the Scottish the most chippy-miserable people in the world?’ ‘The Welsh, are they obsessed by sheep?’ and ‘Are the French garlic chewing surrender monkeys when they are not brown-nosing the Germans?’

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