o-MARIA-HUTCHINGS-570In an effort to get a bit of political-cred, Maria Hutchings the Tory candidate in the Eastleigh by-election has been putting her blue-rinsed mind to constituency problem-solving.

In a stream of big-idea thoughts for the people of Eastleigh, Hutchings appears to be willing to say just about anything in order to gain the seat from the LibDems.
Hardly a day has gone by without her shoving both of her sling-backs firmly into her mouth.

And now has come forth her thoughts on the proposed new building frenzy about to be unleashed upon Eastleigh’s green spaces. People in the constituency are not happy – they do not want their cherished Green Belt turned to acres of anonymous concrete boxes…….

But hey, voters of Eastleigh, relax and chill out because your prospective Tory MP in-waiting is on the case….. “Don’t worry” says Maria, “If I’m elected as MP for Eastleigh, I will ensure that none of the proposed housing developments will go ahead”…

Well, good luck with that Ms Hutchings. Isn’t it bizarre though? You are willing to say and do just about anything in order to get elected – even blatently going against the new ‘build anywhere on anything in England’ Tory planning laws…….. Presumably with the tacit blessing of Conservative Central Office.

Maria, you really ought to be bloody ashamed of yourself.

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