Andrew Marr has spoken out in warning against Anglophobia in Scotland in the lead up to next year’s  independence referendum.

“There is a very strong anti-English feeling (in Scotland), everybody knows it, there always has been”

“If you go back to the origins of the SNP, the origins of home rule, Anglophobia was as well-entrenched then as it is now.

“I don’t think it is particularly serious most of the time, but it can become serious, it can become toxic.”

Andrew Marr is of course Scottish – so he should know right? He’s also one of those Scots who apparently cannot bear to live in Scotland. He’s lived in England as long if not longer than he has in Scotland and apparently now lives in a little village in Devon.  There appears no danger of him becoming English any time soon in fact he is unequivocal when it comes to his national identity should the Scots vote for independence:

“I am a Scot, so it would have to be a Scottish passport and not an English passport”

Perhaps he keeps his finger on the pulse of Scottish Anglophobia with regular visits to his homeland. Perhaps the large numbers of Scots in the British Broadcasting Corporation help keep him in the loop. Or perhaps he’s just stirring the pot to help flog his book.

Even if the Scots in general are very strongly anti-English, even if Anglophobia is deeply entrenched in the SNP the most entrenched and damaging Anglophobia isn’t in Scotland at all it’s in England.

The UK parliament is about as Anglophobic as it’s possible to get. Its very structure ignores England and the English while at the same time recognising the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish.

While England’s fellow UK home nations were getting their own national assemblies the UK parliament was doing its utmost to break England into EU approved regions. They succeeded in splitting London into a region but not the rest of the country. Undeterred the UK parliament keeps on trying the divide and conquer tactic on England. Any division of England is worthy of consideration except the traditional shire system. What could be more anti-English the UK parliament’s repeated attempts to break England apart?

None of the UK establishment political parties at Westminster recognise England or the English (all have Scottish and Welsh versions). Not one has an English manifesto addressing English issues.

The UK parliament divvies up the UK’s cash in accordance with the Anglophobic Barnett Formula devised as a temporary measure this insult to every man, woman and child in England persists as government policy.

On top of the unfair funding the UK government’s CAN only cut, “reform” and sell off England’s services. It’s England’s health, education, transport, law/order, planning etc on the receiving end of the UK parliament’s policies. It’s English children, old folks and everyone else getting the ruined services.

The only institution that can compare with the UK parliament for Anglophobia is Marr’s employer the BBC.

The BBC has just one solitary page for the whole of England on its massive website. It’s the England news page. There’s no snazzy English national page like the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish get.  The only analysis of English politics is done at a the bogus regional level rather than the national level.

There’s no English history according to the BBC, it’s classed as British history although naturally Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own history portals. English history 404.

Astonishingly there is only one person at any level in the BBC that represents England, that’s Alison Hastings the Trust  member for England and she’s as useless as the chocolate teapot of legend.

All this is down to the fact that there is no BBC England. Again, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland all exist. Anglophobia.

Andrew Marr might be right about Anglophobia in Scotland but the English should be far more worried about the Anglophobia of the UK parliament and its mouthpiece the British Brainwashing Corps. In these two bastions of anti Englishness the Anglophobia isn’t just entrenched, it’s fortified, armed to the teeth and very well funded – mainly by the English taxpayer.


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